Case Study: Reconditioning of Hobart Oven

Last year, Global Catering were approached by a customer who had recently taken over a restaurant and was working with a small budget to kit out the kitchen. A particular inconvenience was the existing Hobart oven which had certainly seen better days. Upon assessing the oven however, Global Catering advised that it would be more cost-effective to have it reconditioned rather than buying a brand new oven.

The oven (pictured left) was in a dire state of repair and crusted in grease and old food. Once we had collected the oven from the customer’s premises, the entire oven was stripped down to the bone,  given a deep clean inside and out. The oven was then checked for faults, and all faulty parts were replaced. The appliance was serviced and tested by our experienced engineer to ensure that it was safe and in good working order.

The project took a week to finish, costing £1,500 for the labour and parts, and the customer was thrilled when we delivered the sparkling oven back to their restaurant. By using Global Catering reconditioning service, the customer saved a phenomenal £7,000 against buying a brand new Hobart Oven (£3,500 against buying second-hand).
For more information about our reconditioning service, take a look at our Other Services page. Please note that reconditioning is only possible for high end brands such as Hobart, Falcon, Rational, Wolf, Foster, Williams, etc etc.