Case study: Delphi Automotive

In March 2012, we were approached by Delphi Automotive with an idea to develop their staff canteen. A leading global supplier of technologies for the automotive and commercial vehicle markets, Delphi Automotive are a large company with many branches across the UK, and needed to enhance their canteen servery at one branch to operate more efficiently.

The customer visited Global Catering HQ with an idea to clad ordinary servery units to match their canteen décor.

With plenty of pre-owned serveries in stock, we transformed three servery units into a fully functioning servery station. Each counter was clad in pine and fully serviced. An additional unit was added to house the coffee machine, and Global Catering also fabricated tray slides which were fixed to the front of each unit.

Delphi Automotive were extremely pleased with the finished servery station. They were impressed with the great condition of the pre-owned servery units, and thrilled that the cladding fitted their existing décor. By using Global Catering rather than purchasing a brand new counter, the customer made a saving of hundreds of pounds too.