Heated Chicken Display fitted with curved glass. (New or Used)

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To display your perfectly cooked chicken you will need a heated display to entice your customers. Global Catering has an option to suit every budget. Heated display bases are available with or without a gantry as a cheaper option for display. Upright merchandisers are enclosed units which offer several advantages. Humidity features keep food in a perfect condition for longer and diffused lighting provides attractive illumination.






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North HDW2 2 x 1/1GN Chicken Display



North heated chicken display with space for 2 x 1/1GN containers. Features overhead halogen heat lamps, curved glass and water tray for humidity.
Holds 2 x 1/1gn containers (not supplied)
Supplied with overhead halogen heat lamps
Fitted with curved glass – safety glass
Fitted with water tray for humidity
Fitted with rear sliding doors
Supplied with intermediate display shelf
Power 2kW 230v
Dimensions W755 x D710 x H595mm


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