Charcoal Grills

The healthy option is to cook the chicken using a chargrilled chicken. It is an increasingly popular way of cooking with even the fried chicken giants offering a chargrill option for the health conscious alongside its traditional fried menu. Chargrills come in both gas and electric with either the traditional lava rock or cast iron cooking grids.


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These Charcoal Grills are engineered to withstand, well-built 4 burners each operating as an independent cooking zone. Cooks fast and uses less gas, and delivers a wide temperature range from slow roasting or high sears. available in natural or LPG Gas.

Global Catering, latest offering, the Charcoal Grills HEAVY DUTY 4 Burner Fully CE Marked S/S in Natural gas or LPG. Independently controlled burners

Also available in 2, 3, , 5, 6 & 8 burners.